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Anastasia  individualised her aesthetic during her time at Central Saint Martin’s, London where she completed her bachelors of arts. Further studying |"Sustainble Fashion innovation" at Kea, Coppenhagen to learn better about the important choices at every stage in production, learning fabric choices have the biggest impact, which is why she primarily works with silk, cotton and upcycling selvaged pieces. Sparking a desire to pursue a career in the industry, she undertook an internship at Christian Dior Haute Couture design studio in Paris working closely with Raf Simmons. It was here, she developed the necessary knowledge to build the foundations for her own exclusive company. With a curious eye for original patterns Anastasia’s style aims at maintaining an emphasis on individuality for each of her clients.

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The philosophy and  spirit of the brand is to cover all sides of life: Joyful, elegant, fun, promiscuous, majestic, business to casual.


The two key principles she follows are to use sustainable materials within her designs and the second is to raise awareness of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) otherwise known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME).

Raise awareness of CFS/M.E.

Born in St Petersburg, grew up in Canterbury and has recently suffered with CFS/ME, which has certainly been a challenge within the fashion industry, AS SHE WAS ASSESED TO BE ABLE TO ONLY WORK 3 HOURS DAILY. Founding Maison Magenta out of perseverance to stay in work during her CFS/M.E. recovery, she founded her brand to be able to stay in work with the flexibility to manage her schdeule to her bodyclock and sustain her health and work in harmony. For this reason Anastasia is interested in sharing her journey to give hope and show others they too can succeed.

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