We are offering Upcycling consultations to help you develop, improve and sustain your style through simple customisation. You will learn about choosing different natural organic materials and adapting remnants,  and reduce consumption through personal to you up-cycling ideas to breathing new life into your once loved then forgotten garments with our Zoom eco fashion advice.  

Each consultation is free, last 30 minted and will take place from the comfort of your home click the link to book.



If you prefer we did the work, simplky send us an e-mail with the item you would like us to upcycle, save, mend and some details about your wishes e.g. turn this dress into a top and skirt, shorten these trousers into shorts, customise this hat!


We will send you our ideas with price quote starting from £25.

Time: 5 days

Alterations, Tailoring, Repairs.

~ Dropped stiches on knitwear

~ Shorten trouser/dress/ skirt/short hem

~ Cinch the waist

~Repair worn elbow sleeve holes

~ Transfer tie onto a tie aid


Send us a photo of the garment and then a closeup of the area you would like to be fixed.

We will send you price quote starting from £15.

Time: 5 days

We do not change zips.