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I use my experience from working at Dior Haute-Couture in Paris, to design sustainable and bespoke fashion that is both elusive exclusive and most importantly remaining ethical in relation to the environment and textile production.


The steps:



    A. Preliminary 15 minute Zoom consultation £15;
    Book this if you are not sure what you would like to be made.
    Follow the link "BOOK CONSULTATION" at the bottom of this page.

    B. 30 minute in person meeting.  cost £35 in Canterbury || £70 London
    (Book this if you know specifically what your dream fashion creation is and are seeking an atelier to realise, includes 1 hour of research to prepare an accurate quote, comlete with lead times, timetable and fabric expenses). 
    Subject "Bespoke consultation Canterbury / London."

    Price quote estimate sent within 3 days of the in-person meeting.


  2. Creation of the design file, which includes research images, mood board, colour scheme, 10-20 sketches,  £250 (2 weeks)
    Fabric sourcing & trimmings £100 (1 week) (applies when client is not  supplying the fabric).


  3. Followed by another Zoom consultation / or in person meeting* to show and select the Final design and fabric.

  4. Take your measurements either in person* or do it yourself following my how to measure guide (it is ok if you have not measured yourself before, as during the first fitting of the toile, I can make all the minor adjustment to be a perfect fit).

  5. Patter-draft the design on paper

  6. Cut out the pattern from Calico to make the first toile (fabric used to make the first prototype)

  7. Fitting in person to fit the garment to your body, make adjustments, show you the 3D model of your design and confirm the final fabric choice before buying.

  8. Adjust the pattern from the first fitting, and either make second toile or begin on the final garment and buy the chosen fabric.

  9. Your garment is ready to wear!

    *Each meeting cost is £35 Canterbury || £70 London or at your home.


Screenshot 2021-02-05 at 17.54.15.png
Screenshot 2021-02-05 at 17.54.25.png
Screenshot 2021-02-05 at 17.56.12.png

Production: 2 - 6 months


Cost for bespoke services is calculated in 2 parts: 

A: Labour  £30 - £50 per hour based on difficulty of design construction

B: Materials and Fabric


A Price quote with further details will be sent in the contract after the preliminary consultation.


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