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Time for a style change or need advice for a specific dress code for your new job role/ photoshoot/ event?

We will create a personal PFD style guide for you to easily and smoothly transition to look the way you dream to look! Plus option to personally style you and teach you how to pose.


Book a free 30 minute consultation. Tell us what style would you like to try, or maybe you would like us to personally pick the colours ans styles that you could try? Do you have an imprtant photoshoot/ event for which you need help to look your best? We would love to help!

PDF Moodpboard & Guide

We will personally compile:

- Colour shades

- Fashion styles

- Make-up looks

- Hairstyles

- Shoes

- Accessories

- Bags

And anything else you would like help with to have an easy to follow guide with Sustainable and ethical designer brands and fabric materials to try.


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In person Styling

Anastasia will visit your house to make a selection of garments to create new ways in which you can mix your clothes to create new styles, without the need to purchase new clothes. She can also give you customisation and upcycling tips to elevate the design of your clothes.

And prepare looks for specific events like job interviews, important events, photoshoots that you want to look your best in and be proud to use those photos.


In addition, style is about body language, if you would like some tips how to pose, from which angle to be photographed, improve your posture, she can teach you this and even assist you on a photoshoot, to ensure perfect execution of your public image.


Style Guide

PDF Package preparation from 5 working days, additional service of in person styling, in form of home styling or personal shopping trips would require additional days.


 Price from £300


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