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Elusive and exclusive fashion; We offer 7 Sustainble solutions to switch to conscious consumerism, from Bespoke, Pre-order fashion to personal styling and upcycling through alterations and customisation. Scroll to discover our full range.

Everything posted on our website and Maison Magenta Instagram is part of our Permanenet Slow-fashion collection. Made in-house in our Kent studio exclusively on demand to your measurements with further personalisation of colour and fabric choices avaialble with Bespoke customisation. Maison Magenta manufacturing follows the principles of zero waste by ordering the needed materials to create your order not producing to standard sizes in advance, low carbon footprint by shopping from fabric shops in London, local production we work with local business from button cover services in london to free-lance seamstress in Kent.
Prices start from £300 Making time from 10 days to 50 days.
Book a complimentary 15 minute consultation to discuss your order and receive a quote by e-mail afterwards.
Alternatively contact us via e-mail

Sustainability. Design. Approach :

“Maison Magenta is about slow fashion, slow living, it’s about taking time, appreciating the moment, the craft, as much as the statement design and wearing experience.”

ANASTASIA founder & designer


Our sustainable services:

If you have a:

a. Dropped stitches in your knitwear

b. Broken zip

c. Hole in your pocket or sleeve elbows

d. The clothing is too big/long


Anything else? We will do our best to mend and repair your loved clothes to keep them in use for longer. #closingtheloop


And turn your old clothes into new through Upcycling! For example a dress into a top and skirt. #circularfashion





Designed to your unique dream specifications, be it a dress or a suit or any other costume for the special reason/event: party, anniversary, social event, wedding?

We love to design something just for you for your special moment.



Timeless & Season-less fashion. Any item will be made to your personal measurements at any time.





Time for a style change or need advice for a specific dress code for your new job role/ photoshoot/ event?

We will create a personal PFD style guide for you to easily and smoothly transition to look the way you dream to look! Plus option to personally style you and teach you how to pose.




Let's replicate your favourite garment, be it jeans or a shirt or that bolero provide us with the item of clothing you would like us to duplicate.




Together we will spend time going through your wardrobe and helping you sort clothes which you want to keep from which you can give away, for which to design bespoke pieces to complete the looks, suggest how you can mix your clothes styles for new outfit ideas, help you reorganise by sections such as formal/daily/sport, by colour/texture etc





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Specialising in special occasions we design for birthdays, social balls,gardenparties, the races and bespoke for bride and groom.

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